Your Ultimate Guide to Exciting Activities in Lake Saint Louis, MO

If you’re in the Lake Saint Louis or Cottleville, MO area and you’re searching for an exciting spectrum of local activities and destinations, look no further! Our resourceful guide includes information about local hotspots, from restaurants and shops to galleries, including possible visits to a dispensary.

One popular stop in this vibrant area is the Cottleville Wine Seller. Situated in the heart of Cottleville, this venue boasts a vast selection of internationally renowned wines. A relaxing atmosphere makes it a great choice for wine enthusiasts of all levels.

For those interested in delving into the regional cuisine of Lake Saint Louis, dining at the Blue Sky Café & Bar is a must-do experience. This restaurant offers an ample selection of local and international dishes, ensuring every palate will find something delicious to savor.

If you love art, the Third Degree Glass Factory in St. Louis, just a short drive from Lake Saint Louis, provides a chance to watch amazing glassblowing demonstrations by talented artisans. Here, you can shop for unique, handcrafted glass figurines and even sign up for a workshop if you’re interested in learning the craft.

As part of your journey, you might be interested in exploring a local dispensary. In Missouri, both medical and recreational marijuana use is regulated, so it’s essential to understand the state’s law on marijuana usage to ensure a safe and law-abiding experience. Be sure to identify state-licensed dispensaries near the Lake Saint Louis area to avoid potential legal issues.

Keep in mind your preferences, and plan your route accordingly. From here at Codes, we hope this guide gives you a taste of the vibrant lifestyle Lake Saint Louis offers its residents and visitors. Remember, exploring the locale is all about experiencing fun things, meeting new people, and creating unforgettable memories. Enjoy your adventure!