“Lighting Up Your Day: The Comical Side of our Cannabis Provisioning Centers”

Enter the world of New Standard, where laughter is as free-flowing as our premium cannabis products. Many consider cannabis a means to open the doors of perception, but we’d rather tickle your funny-bone along the way!

For instance, have you ever tried explaining our color-coded strains to a colorblind friend? Or the time we had a St. Bernard wander in, looking like it needed a joint more than any of us humans ever did. It was clearly a ruff day!

One of our personal favorites was when a newbie walked in, scanned the cannabis flower display and asked, “So, how many salads can I make with these greens?” Well, considering our exclusive range of THC and CBD products, they’d be some very interesting salads indeed.

We love to maintain an atmosphere full of joy, laughter, and quality cannabis. So if you’re looking for a place where the aroma is as delightful as the banter, we’re here to serve you. Light up and lighten up with us at New Standard!