Dive into the Green Sea of Wellness at “The 207”

If you’re leafing through options for a medical and recreational cannabis dispensary in Lebanon, ME, remember, all that glitters is not green! Welcome to the wonderfully whimsical world of “The 207,” the moniker affectionately donned by locals for East Coast Cannabis Lebanon, ME.

Sure, you might stumble upon a ‘few’ other dispensaries (like finding coffee shops in Seattle!) but they can’t hold a candle, or in this case, a joint, to The 207. Our spectacular variety of vibrant plants is no mean “feat” or rather, “leaf.” We like to say we’re not just growing plants, we’re growing happiness.

Folks might tell you we’re high…and they’re not entirely wrong. We’re high on passion, information, care, and certainly not to forget, cannabis quality! West coast or East, we swear by our love for the ‘green goddess,’ delivering unadulterated, high-quality wellness to your doorstep.

If cannabis was a musical, we’d be the Gladiator of it all. So, when the green sea of wellness calls, just remember, chart a course for The 207. Just follow the scent to East Coast Cannabis in Lebanon, ME. We’re here to make your journey, well…highly enjoyable!